My Last Day

–Here is an entry I wrote on 1/15/10 that I didn’t finish. It’s been in my drafts for 6 months. Thought I might as well publish it even though it’s not complete. Too hard to delete my writing when I don’ t have to. Ha!


Well, today is my last day working at my “old” job. I’ll start my new one Monday. Actually, I took yesterday off because I had to give a presentation for our local Humane Society, but the rest of the day I went to my new job for orientation and training. About all I learned was where the restrooms are, but I also got an idea of what my training will be like and what my office will look like (for the time being, my office is cool, but I might have to move in a couple of months to a less cool office). I think the new work will be difficult, but if the other reps there can learn the products, I guess I can, too.  They can’t be any smarter than me. Ha, ha!

Even though I overanalyze almost every significant event in my life (and some insignificant ones too), I’m trying not to be too introspective today about my last 14 months here at this job. I’ve made a decision to leave  and I don’t regret it. I hope I contributed to the organization as much as I could with the tools and training I was given. At the same time, I don’t think they’ll even miss me, except when the phone rings, because I’m first in line to answer the phone.

This afternoon I “trained” my boss on my job in about 1 hour. It would be funny if it weren’t so true. There are only a few things I do that he can’t do himself. He must realize this, but has still been so nice to me, pretending I’m a valuable employee, etc. Our gang went out for lunch and they gave me a Garmin GPS as a going away gift, which I can use for my new job, for which I will travel in MN & IA.  I got teary, but I held it together. It wasn’t the gift, but the thought that they put into the gift, that made me feel happy and sad at the same time.

I wish I weren’t being “forced” (by myself) to leave this job, but I just need more stimulation and more work to do during the day. I know I’ll never work with such outstanding people again. I don’t feel I can turn down the opportunity to make more money and work closer to home. Still, I feel stupid leaving–like a quitter.

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