Ireland, Part I

View of the Skellig Islands

Hubby and I just returned from Ireland. I got a full two weeks’ vacation from work even though I was only away 9 nights. . . . thank goodness I negotiated for this time when I started my new job. God, I am smart once in awhile! I really needed the time away, whether I was in Ireland or just weeding the tomatoes in the backyard.
I’m not going to have time to write a lot about the trip, but I thought I could make my blog a bit more colorful if I could at least post some photos of what we saw. All those things you see about Ireland in the travel books? They’re all true. Everything is green. Homes and gardens are quaint. The Irish people are good natured. Roads are very narrow. We even drove our rental car on the left side of the road when we remembered to.
On the “big” island in the photo above is an old monastery. I was glad we hadn’t made plans to visit it, because the sea was rough that day and I would have spent a lot of time vomiting instead of enjoying the monastery.
One other thing I’ll mention in this entry  . . . . I identified a lot of things I appreciated about the Irish people. Here are a few:
1) They drive small cars because gas is expensive and they think they shouldn’t spend a lot of money on gas.
2) They do not keep their cattle or sheep in enclosures. These animals actually eat grass and spend their lives in the light of day!
3) Consequently, their beef was delicious. (I didn’t eat any sheep.) I don’t eat much meat at home because it’s such poor quality and I can’t easily get meat that was humanely raised and humanely slaughtered. In Ireland, restaurants state on the menu where many of their ingredients came from. They don’t import meat. Their vegetables are local. Bottom line, you can taste the food.
To close for today, here’s another photo, this time of a ruin that we just happened to run across on the outskirts of a little town called Adare:
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