Five Days In

Stuff about my new job and this week:

1) It takes a very long time to get to the women’s restroom from my office. However, the microwave is fairly close so I can warm up my coffee a couple of times each morning without being noticed much.

2) A couple of people who seemed really unfriendly at first, turned out to be really really friendly by the end of my first week.

3) The salespeople at this job are actually empowered to do their jobs. It’s so different from my last sales job.

4) I have to dress up every day. At my last job I got to wear jeans every day. At my job before that, I worked in a home office, so I wore my bathrobe most days. I’m not liking the direction of the trend, but it does provide a valid, even potent, reason to go shopping.

5) My boss is nice so far. We also discovered that he is the first cousin of one of my high school mates.

6) The new company’s policies are conservative. VERY conservative. I have resolved to keep my mouth shut as long as possible. If only some things didn’t bother me. Why can’t I just not care?

7) I’ve been so self-absorbed this week that I have hardly paid any attention to the news. It’s probably a good thing, too, because the Supreme Court just handed corporate America a huge win the other day with campaign advertising.

8) On that note, when are our politicians going to start wearing the logos and branding on hats, jackets, cars, etc. given to them by their SPONSORS?

9) My first cousin Jason, age 30, is apparently lying brain dead in a Denver hospital. It’s a 30-year-long story, but he seems to have finally done himself in using alcohol and drugs.

10) There’s no way to know what life will throw at us or when death will come to retrieve us. We just have to do our best.

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