Taxpayers’ profits from loan to GM

Today in the news, we learn that taxpayers should make some good proceeds off the money we loaned to GM last year.

I struggle to understand what this really means. I mean, I’m not the bookkeeper for this country’s government. How does this help me? I suppose any proceeds would go toward the deficit that we racked up by invading a defenseless country based on the foregone conclusion, which turned out to be a complete fabrication, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

What will these supposed proceeds consist of? Interest on the GM loan? Seriously, I don’t know.

It’s funny how these articles always say, “taxpayers will get their money back.” I suppose I should be glad, but this really isn’t very interesting news to me. They’re not sending me a check or anything. For that matter, I also didn’t send a check to loan money to GM in the first place. —Oh, I know, the government gave them a loan with “my” money. I just can’t seem to get excited that “I” am going to make money off this deal.

I am usually pretty good at seeing the Big Picture. In regard to the auto industry loans, I guess I’m not.

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