A Favorite Quotation

I’ve been carrying this quotation around on a notecard for about 15 years. Sometimes it serves a function; sometimes it just comes along with me. I use it as a bookmark for awhile, then stick in my wallet for a year, then hang it on my desk, then put it in the car, etc. It seems to keep showing up and here it is today, at work, in my planner.

Funny thing is, although I know the author, I can’t even remember which book it’s from. Jane Eyre? Shirley? The Professor? Villette? Also, what uncomfortable time of my life was I in when I jotted it down on a notecard, and found great solace in it? I don’t even know anymore. But here it is, in its humble glory:

Most people have had a period in their lives when they have felt thus forsaken; when, having long hoped against hope, and still seen the day of fruition deferred, their hearts have truly sickened within them. This is a terrible hour, but it is often that darkest point which precedes the rise of day; that turn of the year when the icy January wind carries over the waste at once the dirge of departing winter, and the prophecies of coming spring.

                                                                                   Charlotte Bronte

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One Response to A Favorite Quotation

  1. Alyssa says:

    That is such a great quote. I love that you’ve carried it around for so long. I, too, wonder which bit of source material it’s from.

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