Possible New Year’s Resolutions

  • Keep my house cleaner
  • Quietly boycott Wal-Mart all year long (it’s the only substantial store in my small town)
  • Clean the litter boxes at least half the time instead of “letting” hubby do it most of the time
  • Call my elderly neighbors more often and make sure they’re OK
  • Find and use recipes for more vegetarian meals that are easy to prepare
  • Eat less, but eat more fruits and veggies
  • Resist the temptation to roll my eyes when hubby says something that annoys me
  • Baby my cats more
  • Play with my cats more, not just talking to them and petting them
  • Don’t let my flower & vegetable gardens get weedy so early in the year
  • Be happy, not envious, for hubby that he has summer vacation
  • Listen more and talk less, everywhere
  • Get out the guitar and start giving myself lessons again
  • Unclutter the downstairs closet, permanently (am I fooling anyone?)
  • Listen to more new music and don’t be so stodgy in my musical tastes
  • Listen to less NPR and more books on CD
  • Read more poetry
  • Be more supportive of hubby while he works on his second book
  • Wash the kitchen floor more often instead of just sweeping it
  • Locate and buy a vacuum cleaner that is actually not a piece of junk
  • Be more open minded about my job and the good things that we do as an organization, instead of being so critical about the stupid things we do
  • Learn to watch the Twins without getting upset when they make errors or don’t score when they should
  • Paint the kitchen and replace the cabinet knobs & hinges, and the  lamps that hang over the counter
  • Be less judgmental toward people who do not share my political beliefs (only an idea—and maybe not an appealing one)
  • Do not drive to work during blizzards or icy weather when I do not feel safe driving, despite the fact that the office remains open and the decisionmakers at work feel too guilty to close the office. Just take the time unpaid. After all, I am an hourly worker. Sheesh!
  • Don’t be jealous of people who have jobs they love or like. Just be happy for them.
  • Don’t waste energy stewing about things that make me mad.
  • Don’t open my big mouth at work about anything related to church or organized religion.
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