Happy Holidays, dammit!

Today, a friend sent me an email that read:

I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone

a Merry Christmas this year …

My way of saying that I am celebrating

the birth Of Jesus Christ.

So I am asking my email buddies,

if you agree with me,

to please do the same.

And if you’ll pass this on to

your email buddies, and so on…

maybe we can prevent one more

American tradition from being lost in the sea of

“Political Correctness”.

The message was sent to her entire address list!

I responded with the following, to every damn person on her list:

“Happy Holidays” doesn’t bother me a bit. If I were Hindu or Buddhist (or whatever) and I knew someone was trying to include me in their good wishes because I don’t celebrate Christmas, I’d think that was awfully nice of them. There are some good things to be said about political correctness.
Sometimes, thinking that Christianity is the ONLY reason to celebrate a season can be construed as insensitive. Why do Christians always seem to be the only ones offended by so-called “political correctness,” when others are just trying to be inclusive and kind? Some Christians sure aren’t very open to dealing with people who don’t share their exact beliefs.
No apologies here . . .  I am PROUD of being politically correct and I love my Christian, Muslim, atheist, and Buddhist friends alike. They’re all wonderful human beings (and yes, I really do have Muslim and Buddhist friends). Just because they don’t share my spiritual/religious beliefs doesn’t mean I can’t respect them. If my beliefs are bestowed upon me from God, why would someone else’s beliefs, or lack of beliefs, also bestowed upon them by God, be any less holy?
And why shouldn’t I be considerate of their beliefs? They’re considerate of mine.
(Oh, if I were queen for a day!)
Happy Holidays, everybody. I mean it in the best way possible.

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2 Responses to Happy Holidays, dammit!

  1. Alyssa says:

    Ha ha. Did you get any replies?

    I seem to go back and forth. For a while, I went with “Happy holidays” so I didn’t offend. Then I decided “Merry Christmas” was the sentiment I felt. I guess I still feel that way, but I don’t feel that “happy holidays” is diminishing American tradition.

    One of those traditions is freedom of religion, after all. 🙂

    • clockwatcher23 says:

      Alyssa–nobody replied to my blog, and one person responded to my email. It was from the girlfriend who sent the initial “Happy Holidays is not what I mean” email. She actually CALLED me on the phone, specifically about this, and said, “I’m so sorry! Did I offend you?!” and she was sincere. As I told her, I know I probably overreacted but it felt good to vent. The really odd thing is that she is a very casual, open individual who would never judge someone who isn’t Christian, as long as they’re a nice human being. It seemed so weird to get that email from her of all people. Anyway, thanks for reading and not being mad. 🙂

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