Don’t waste your time on this one

Here’s the review I just posted of Anne Rivers Siddons’ Off Season at

Good character development, but not much plot to speak of

Reader Rating 2 stars

Posted 12/04/09: I’m shocked by the positive reviews this book has received. “Off Season” was a real yawner for me. The author certainly has a gift for description, but most of the things she describes (at great, nauseating length) are completely unimportant to the characters, plot, or outcome. And nothing seemed to happen for many, many pages. I felt the story could have been told in half the pages.

The last couple pages were good, but the book did not live up to the expectations that the book’s inside-the-cover description set up for me. In fact, it didn’t even come close. I wondered, most of the way through the book, if the publisher had accidentally attached the wrong description to the book jacket.

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