Signs Your Job is Dysfunctional

Signs Your Job is Dysfunctional from CareerBuilder and HR World (I’m posting the ones that apply to my workplace):

  • Value statements are filled with vague but important-sounding words like “excellence” and “quality.”
  • Reward system? What reward system? You can’t have a stick and no carrot.
  • The accounting department has accumulated 23 weeks of paid vacation because no one there has ever taken a day off.
  • Bringing up a problem is considered evidence of a personality defect rather than an observation of  reality. [Emphasis mine]
  • Decisions are made at the highest level  possible. (Regardless of what it is, you have to check with your boss before doing it.  She also has to check with her boss.)
  • Resources are tightly controlled. (Whatever you propose, the first question you will be asked is if it can be done cheaper.)

–Another one that I experienced constantly in my last job is this one:

  • Internal competition is encouraged and rewarded. (I always thought it was funny we were supposed to be teammates and friends, and still compete with each other.)

Yes, I’m grateful to have a job, but some days are better than others. This little comic fits my current workplace a little too scarily:workplace

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One Response to Signs Your Job is Dysfunctional

  1. Alyssa says:

    Yes, I’m grateful to have a job, but some days are better than others.

    This describes me perfectly as well. I love your list. Honestly, I have to wonder if any job is functional.

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