IRS, revisited

A few days ago, I posted here about my recent experience with the IRS. I thought I’d record an update because once again, I have talked to a quite nice IRS individual who sounds like he knows what’s going on. It seems notable.

For the last few days, I’ve been phoning the IRS on my lunch break and when I seem to have down time at work. Naturally, every time I called, I had to go through quite a few automated instructions (and I couldn’t pre-empt my responses, so I had to listen to the same instructions over and over), then I got placed on hold. Each time I then got a message saying, “your anticipated wait time is between 10 and 15 minutes.” Then my phone at work would ring, or whatever, and I’d have to hang up. (Even if I had nothing else to do, just sitting there for 15 minutes would be a drag. Didn’t the IRS get any Bush/Obama stimulus money to hire more people?)

Today, we had a faily lengthy power outage at work. I couldn’t do anything except sit in the dark. Thank goodness I have a window in my office, and the dim November light made the office livable. So, I called the IRS! I waited on hold exactly 14 minutes, and a man named Steve came on the line. I explained to him that I’m still getting hate mail from the IRS even after I supplied the information they needed, via certified mail, on September 3.

He replied:


Then he put me on hold.

He came back. He asked, “did you call us on November 3?”


“Oh, well, there’s a note in the system that says that someone called us on November 3 and that they said they would send the information to us.”

I said, “no, I didn’t call on November 3.” (So who knows what his note means. Does it belong in someone else’s file?)

So Steve is (supposedly) hooking me up with the Taxpayer Advocate’s Office. They will call me within 7 business days (that’s November 23, not counting today) and “get me taken care of.”

I’ll believe it when I see it, Steve!

The irony is that our organization is tax exempt. We’re a non-profit. We’re 501(c)3. Yes, we pay our payroll taxes—always have. I just hope I get a real advocate. I have all the information I need, right here, ready to mail or fax to this person. So call me, already!

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