Getting Comments on my Blog

I’m puzzling at myself today. Even though I blog regularly, I rarely receive comments about my posts. My dear friend Alyssa tends to laugh at my stupid jokes and tell me she likes the photos of my cats, so I know someone is reading my posts .  . . and I love her for commenting because it’s sort of like we had a little conversation that day.

But I’ve only gotten comments from the rest of “my public,” i.e., strangers out in blogland, a few times.

This morning on my blog, I received a comment from a stranger!

But—and I’m disturbed about my reaction to this— the comment only worried me.

(Let’s be honest. Doesn’t it seem intellectually lazy for someone to imply a similarity between President Obama and Adolf Hitler:  “Did you know that Adolf Hitler was nominated in 1939, as well as Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini, for the Nobel Peace Prize? Some award huh!” –I don’t know, it just seems like a useless comment to me. I could nominate my dog. Anybody can be nominated.) 

But if that person is really suggesting that Barack Obama is something like Adolf Hitler, isn’t that just a bit irrational? Adolf Hitler murdered 6 million people.

And if the person is not suggesting a similarity between Obama and Hitler, then what is the point of the comment? I mean really, why invoke the name of Adolf Hitler if you’re not really making a comparison?

If this person doesn’t believe that Obama should have been awareded the Nobel Prize, he or she could certainly have made an intelligent case for it. I might even agree with it.

One way to make this point would be to compare and contrast Obama with other winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. (The Nobel committee already dealt with this objection, but it’s fun to talk about anyway.)

Anyway, the situation got me thinking about the comments I’ve left for people on their blogs. I have not always been openminded or inviting of a discussion, either.

I must remind myself to always be logical and respectful. Just yesterday, I responded to someone who lamented, on her blog, that most of her friends, although they’re Christians and they go to church, are going to Hell because they don’t live as pure and Christian-like of a life as she does. I commented that while I respect her own Christian faith, it seemed a bit overreaching to state that she KNOWS these people are not saved. (Isn’t that up to God?)

But I could have approached the issue in a different way. Used different words and a different tone. Now, I wish I would have.

It’s really easy to spout off at people or just respond to them irrationally because you’ll never have to see them or meet them. They’re just words in the computer.

When I started blogging a few months ago and discovered “tags” and other ways to draw people to my blog, I thought this technology might allow me to have some eye-opening discussions with people out there who truly want to dialogue—preferably with people who do not agree with me on issues such as politics and religion.

But it’s not happening, nor am I contributing much content to others who may want something similar from their blogging experience. Maybe I was just fooling myself. Maybe we don’t really want to hear from people we disagree with. Maybe I don’t. It’s something to think about.


I’m going to work on being rational and productive with my own comments to others.

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3 Responses to Getting Comments on my Blog

  1. Alyssa says:

    Oh, it’s Godwin’s law!'s_law

    But really, you don’t lead with a Hitler comparison. You have to work up to it. *Rolls eyes*

  2. Kim Hurzeler says:

    I followed Alyssa’s link, and was thrilled to find someone whose sense of humor and grasp on reality I find refreshing. I hope all is well in your life. I know we met YEARS (good grief…) ago on a trip I made to Manhattan, KS, but I hear about you from Aly. I’ll certainly check in on your blog. . . if you don’t mind.

    • clockwatcher23 says:

      Hi Kim, of course I remember you! Thanks for reading my blog! Sometimes I sort of fly off the handle and even use profanity. Feel free to ignore any post like that–but the blogosphere seems like a safe place for the occasional curse! Do you have a blog? If so, please send me your url. I remember you because you love books.

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