My President and the Nobel Prize

wieselI could hardly have been more surprised (or delighted) than I was this morning when I learned that President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He joins the ranks of some of my other favorite people—Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, George Marshall, and Elie Wiesel. Oh, and Al Gore!Carter

The Nobel committee stated that the prize has been awarded for Obama’s inspiration and sense of direction more than his accomplishments, which are admittedly small in comparison to most winners in past years. In other words, different criteria were used in awarding this great honor. MandelaThat’s fine with me because I am proud to be an American again.gore

The two times I was in Europe during the Bush administration, I took my backpack with the Canadian flag sewn to it so no one would know I was an American. So yeah, Obama has inspired me. World citizens look at us Americans differently now. We were ignorant, egotistical, ideological bullies for awhile. Now we’re Thinking PeopMarshallle again. What a relief!

(To be fair, I believe we would have been seen as Thinking People again if Senator McCain were elected, too.)

obamaI’m proud to be an American today, and proud of Barack Obama. Way to go, Mr. President. I can imagine what you’ll accomplish during your presidency and our lifetime, and I will be watching you.

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3 Responses to My President and the Nobel Prize

  1. penultima says:

    Did you know that Adolf Hitler was nominated in 1939, as well as Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini, for the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Some award huh!

    • clockwatcher23 says:

      No I didn’t know that, but I don’t find it interesting. Anybody can be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Alyssa says:

    I have mixed feelings about the nomination, but I am impressed with Obama’s response to it. I think he’s handled it very well, though, and I liked this cartoon about it. It’s the third one from the top on this page:

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