Books, Chili, Shirts, and Whatnot

Good things are happening:

  • The sun is out for the first time in about 3 months.
  • I am munching on my first Twix bar since about 1987. It’s much better than I’d remembered. Maybe I should have been eating Twixes all along, although I still love KitKats more.
  • I attended a planning meeting this morning, and I feel like I actually contributed. And I even patiently listened to the verbose individual who tried do most of the talking but wasn’t any more helpful than I was.
  • The Twins won their division last night in 12 innings.
  • The Vikings beat the Packers Monday night.
  • I’ve been pretty busy at work for the last few days, so I’ve actually enjoyed being here.
  • I’ve  just finished a really fun book:  The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. It’s the first in a series about a female detective in Botswana. It’s funny, easy to read, and has a wonderful plot.


–I also just found out that HBO is doing (did?) a series on the main character in this book and the books that follow it. Great! The problem is, who gets HBO? Not me. Apparently some people really do watch television shows besides “60 Minutes” and the occasional evening replay of “The Young and the Restless.”

  • Anyway, during my daily commute, I’m listening to a book on CD. It’s brilliant!, a “gothic drama,” for lack of a better phrase. This is the book about which a movie should be made! When I arrive at work in the morning, and home at night, I can hardly turn off my car because I can’t wait to hear what happens next in this book. And I’m only about half done! Hurrah!

Cover to the first edition

  • I made chili on Monday night and enjoyed some leftover for lunch today. It contained tomatoes from my garden.
  • I have been pretty busy at work (gasp) and it’s been a lot more interesting since my boss got back from vacation. He seems to care to keep me busy these days, so I really appreciate that.
  • Finally, I have learned something recently about men and shirts. You see, at work, I was asked (told) to order a few different shirts with our organization’s logo embroidered onto them. This meant that I got to pick the shirts, then contact our staff members and ask them what size they’d like me to order for them. So I did. Then I ordered the shirts and distributed them to all my co-workers. My findings:
  1. Women have realistic views of their bodies and you can generally guess what size they’re going to order. The small women ordered small shirts; the medium women ordered medium shirts; the large women ordered large shirts; and the larger women ordered plus-sized shirts. The shirts arrived, I looked at them, and they looked to be the same size as the women who ordered them. Cheerio, ladies!
  2. Men, on the other hand, evidently think they are fatter, more muscular, broader, or just plain BIGGER than they are. Approximately half of our male employees ordered shirts that are significantly too large for them—especially the medium and small men. It just made me chortle inside when these smaller men ordered Large and Extra Large shirts. What were they thinking?! Now they are drowning in their shirts and they look even smaller.
  3. Possible conclusion:  Women shop for clothes regularly, so they know what size they need, whereas men don’t, so they don’t.
  4. Possible conclusion:  Women like to look good in their clothes; men would just rather have clothes that are too big, than too small or the right size.
  5. Possible conclusion: Men who require large shirts know they require large shirts, but men who do not require large shirts still believe they require large shirts.
  6. Possible conclusion:  Women are smart and men are stupid.

Enjoy pondering the additional possibilities.

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One Response to Books, Chili, Shirts, and Whatnot

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love the shirt story! That’s awesome. I will ponder the possibilities, definitely.

    I’m glad work has been busier and better. Hope it continues.

    I love listening to audiobooks. It’s the best part of my commute.

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