Reasons to change jobs

I have a third interview coming up for a job. I feel ambivalent about the work itself, which might have meant something to me a year ago (such as, don’t apply for this job). But after almost a year at a job that bores the crap out of me, and thus lots of time to think about it, I’ve come to realize that I am probably not the kind of person who could ever love a job. Maybe it’s the most I can ask for, to have nice co-w0rkers, good benefits, and the occasional interesting task to do, along with some boring ones. I don’t really mind the boring jobs. I’d just like more of them to do.

me at my desk

me at my desk

I know that the  new job—which I have not been offered—would keep me busy, although I’m not very interested in the work.

It would also be closer to home, so I’d put fewer miles on my car, and spend a little less time driving. I’d work in my hometown instead a shitty town nearby.

But the only reason I’m still pursuing the job is that I would make more money, probably bringing in another $10,000 per year, and more if I did well. At my current job, we are state funded and because of budget freezes, I don’t even have a CHANCE to get a raise until 2011. Of course I learned this in my first month there—that was a very unmotivating day. The global recession isn’t the fault of our Executive Director, but giving us an extra day off at Christmastime didn’t exactly equal a raise in my book. (Who wants an extra day off in the middle of the winter in Minnesota, anyway?)

So anyway, I find myself in an odd position. I left my last job, at which I made good money, because money wasn’t important to me anymore and I wanted to do something “meaningful” that would make me “happy.” My current employer doesn’t really utilize my strengths. Maybe my skills are not needed in the nonprofit world. And I am even skeptical about some of the work we do. So I am considering another job for the money again. I had considered calling this “ironic” until I realized it’s just stupid.

Bottom line, I will go to the third interview and do my best. If I don’t get an offer, I will be OK with it. I don’t hate my current job, and I really like the people I work with. (And I have lots of time to blog, ha!)

If I do get an offer, I will entertain it. Until then, there’s not much to fret about. I don’t feel my chances of an offer are very good, anyway.

Another thing just occurred to me, too. I have spent two interviews with these people, and they haven’t really tried to sell themselves to me at all. The interviews have been really dumb — “tell me about a time when. . . ” questions. As if any idiot can’t embellish or completely fabricate a few stories! I wish they were trying to sell themselves to me, but once again, in this economy, I guess they don’t have to.

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