Giving In

The last few days I haven’t written anything about my job hunt. It just gets me down. I had my second interview at W. on Friday and I thought I did about as well as I possibly could . . . I wasn’t brilliant, but I was alert. Ha, ha! I wasn’t tongue-tied like I was in the first interview, which was quite a relief.

Since then, I’ve had to remind myself countless times that it doesn’t really matter if I am asked back for a third interview or not. (They told me there will be a third round of interviews—a bit of overkill for an Inside Sales position, don’t you think? I suppose in this economy they can do whatever they want.) After all, I am not unhappy at my current job. There is rarely much stress and there’s no drama in this office. Of course I’m terribly bored, but I can blog a lot and in effect, I’m getting paid for it because I often don’t have much other work assigned to me. And the people here are so great.

I have to admit that I feel a bit of relief that I haven’t received a call for a third interview. This doesn’t really mean that I don’t want the job, but it’s hard work to lie to your current employer so that you can go to a job interview. And, the interviews that I had last Friday were hard. I am surprised I held up as well as I did—by the end, I was exhausted.

I am alone in our little office today. I have to clean up a document that I worked on earlier in the week, but otherwise I don’t have any work to do. I am still amazed that my boss can go on vacation for a week and not even wonder what I’m going to do when he’s gone. I appreciate that he trusts me to work, but there’s really no work.

I have a bit of hayfever these last few days, or else I’m getting a cold. I don’t usually get seasonal allergies, but I’ve had some sneezing fits this week. This morning I was a mess, so I took a rare Benadryl, and it’s currently in the process of kicking my ass. I could fall asleep! But I’m not sneezing or sniffling anymore.

–Well, this is interesting. My phone rang just now. I didn’t pick it up because I didn’t recognize the number. I dreaded it being a request for a third job interview. Turns out it was just my dentist’s office reminding me I have to get my teeth cleaned tomorrow.


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One Response to Giving In

  1. Alyssa says:

    You know it’s bad when you’re relieved to get a reminder about a teeth cleaning. Ha!

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