Overthinking It

I might have gotten a little off track with my blog entry yesterday. I looked at it this morning and thought it really seemed bitter. I sound like an unpleasant person.

I didn’t do that on purpose. In fact, usually when I sit down to post something new, I’m not even sure where I’m going with it. Writing is such an explorative activity for me. It brings out the best and the worst in me, not to mention I remember how difficult it is to effectively employ the written word.

Yesterday I ran across this cartoon that I clipped awhile back . . . it really speaks to me:


Oh yeah, that’s me, overthinking it. How it easy it should be for Phil to sit on that wire . . . his ancestors perfected this skill for millions of years as if they knew that phone lines were on their way for him and his contemporaries to perch on.

I have food, shelter, love, health, and a job. And health insurance. I’m not rich, but I don’t really lack any necessary material goods. If I won the lottery, my happiness quotient would probably not increase sharply. So sometimes, when I feel like a bird hanging onto the wire for dear life, I need to just remind myself that It’s Okay. Sometimes, I need to just go with it.

It’s probably part of my nature to question things, to mull over situations until I suffer a bit. Today, I’m focusing on being grateful for the the goodness of so many things I have around me. Meister Eckhart suggested:


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