Remember to Breathe. In, Out. In, Out.

I’ve been blogging for a few months because I don’t have enough work to do at my job. Amazingly, I’m a bit of a frazzled mess this week because there’s so much going on. It’s exciting to have a lot on my plate! The activity is not all work related, but I actually do have some fun work things going on this week, so life is good.

1) Getting new carpet in the living room—finally. It’s badly needed. Carpet people are coming to measure house today, so had to clean house last night so they don’t think I live in a pit.

2) Going on an overnight for work, leaving in awhile and will be gone all day tomorrow as well. Will have dinner out with co-workers from other offices tonight. Should be fun. I like them.

3) Friday I have a work meeting scheduled in the morning, then I have the afternoon off when I am doing some volunteering for the Humane Society. Hurrah, Friday afternoon off!

4) I am also feeding my parents’ animals while they are away on vacation, so I have an extra task every day. Whew!

5) Last night I had a Humane Society board meeting and I have several to-dos since that meeting got over. I have to get started on those as well.

6) Have to paint an extra room this weekend because that room is also getting the new carpet. New paint in the living room looks great. It’s like a whole new house. It looks so nice, I wondered for a few moments if we really need new carpet.

That’s that, for today.

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One Response to Remember to Breathe. In, Out. In, Out.

  1. Alyssa says:

    You’ve had a busy week. Can’t wait to hear how things went.

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