Comment about Joe Wilson’s Outburst

How did I know, before I knew, that the heckler represented a state south of the Mason-Dixon line?

I, for one, accept Wilson’s apology. He obviously lost his mind for a moment. It happens.

That said, I need to further investigate the healthcare-for-illegal-immigrants issue. Last time I checked, the Democratic plan was trying to find a way to provide preventive coverage for illegal CHILDREN so that they would not spread communicable diseases (measles, chicken pox, etc.) in schools and daycares. And in fact, I’d support that. Not doing this would be impractical and perhaps disastrous. (Your child gets sick, and you’ll wonder why the government didn’t do anything to prevent it.)

So, has this provision been removed? Or have I been misinformed all along? I am willing to admit my lack of knowledge and check it out—employing reputable, fact-based sources, of course.

That said, I trust Obama. His knowledge is deep, and his vision is broad and far-reaching into the future. I think the Democrats need to take the bull by the horns and push this thing through.

And also, what IS going to happen to illegal immigrants?  They get sick too. And their emergency room visits cost us ALL a lot of money. When they can’t pay their bills because they have no insurance, hospitals write off the charges, but have to make it up by charging the rest of us more.

Shipping all illegal immigrants out is impractical and impossible (not to mention, who else would do all the shitty jobs that they do?), so we should have a plan for them, too. I realize if I were a politician, saying this out loud would be political suicide. But I’m just being realistic. No, I don’t want to pay for it, but it’s obviously going to cost us all more in the long run if we don’t.

I don’t have the solution, but I support the President’s ideas. I wish he were actually part of the legislative branch of government right now so he could push these jokers through to the proper negotiations. Come on, people!

Come on, let's go!

Come on, let's go!

Two more comments:

  • Very few of the people who needed to listen to the President’s address last night, probably listened to it. (Excuse the horrific sentence structure.) The wild rumors and accusations will go on. Now I need to go inform myself about the illegal immigrant thing. Why was Joe Wilson so upset?!
  • On a related point, FOX News did not broadcast the address. Need I say more about people who do not really want to be informed? It just takes my breath away.
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One Response to Comment about Joe Wilson’s Outburst

  1. dekerivers says:

    I need to say that FOX TV did not air the speech, but FAUX News did. I find the network loathsome but still they need to be defended when they do something right, such as airing the speech.

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