Gentlest of Skeptics, Sleepiest of Friends

Yes, I’ll willingly bite on the “No Cats on the Internet Day” buzz.

My cats would be embarrassed if they knew how often I brag about them to people. They’re unimpressed with recognition, glowing praise, getting their photos taken, and being wooed over. They may realize, but are not proud of, the fact that people who “don’t like cats” can meet my cats, then suddenly don’t feel so distainful of cats anymore. That’s just the way it is.

Every day that these fellows allow me to be their person, I feel fortunate. They’ve been such a meaningful and fulfilling part of my adult life that I can’t imagine who I really was before I met them. In a Dixie Chicks song written about their children, the Chicks sing, “Life began when I saw your face,” and this is sort of how I feel about these little Loves of My Life.

(I try not to say things like that around my husband, who is wonderful and supportive and funny and deep. But life did not begin when I saw his beautiful face.)

I love this poem by Jules LeMaitre, which attempts to sum up the relationship between a person and her cat:

Philosopher and comrade, not for thee

The fond and foolish love which binds the dog,

Only a quiet sympathy, which sees

Through all my faults and bears with them awhile.

Be lenient still, and have some faith in me,

Gentlest of skeptics, sleepiest of friends.

(Editor’s Note: I can only imagine how lovely that poem must be in its original French!)

So, Stewart and Sagan, it’s Your Day (as usual). Love ya.

Stewart, a.k.a. "Chases His Tail"

Stewart, a.k.a. "Chases His Tail"

Sagan, a.k.a. "Three Black Whiskers"

Sagan, a.k.a. "Three Black Whiskers"

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One Response to Gentlest of Skeptics, Sleepiest of Friends

  1. Alyssa says:

    Oh, great pictures! Stewart looks like he is plotting something . . .

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