Cheers and Jeers for Today


  • My coworkers
  • Vacation time just sitting there, ready
  • President Obama telling kids to stay in school
  • Laura Bush
  • Being able to follow Alyssa’s blog
  • Elephants
  • Cats
  • Long weekends
  • Lunchtime
  • New carpet (very soon!)
  • Nice clients
  • Picking out paint for my living room
  • Laughing
  • Pizza
  • A cleaner office because our server went down yesterday and I was able to clean up some messy spots
  • Getting veggies from the garden
one day's harvest last week

one day's harvest last week


  • Ear aches
  • 30% high school dropout rates nationwide – in the USA!
  • Shortsighted, bitter people who don’t see the obvious connection between the President of the USA and schoolchildren
  • Not being able to think fast enough
  • Tripping over my own two feet (again)
  • Comp time
  • Having to get groceries over my lunch break
  • Crooked, achy teeth
  • Dentists
Another Cheer:  These cute tooth-themed graphics  . . . . they make me feel a little better about having to see a dentist later this month
tooth 1tooth 2tooth 3tooth 4tooth 5
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