“Deeper Still,” Revisited

I’ve been going back through some CDs I haven’t played in awhile. One thing I ran into was this great album from 2002 by Beth Nielsen Chapman, “Deeper Still.” It was only the second album after her husband’s death from cancer, and as she completed recording it, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

But far from being a collection of dirges, this CD is an inspiring, optimistic bunch of songs that truly highlight Nielsen Chapman’s love of life, impressive vocal talent and finesse as a pianist. Background singers also include the John Hiatt (on “World of Hurt”), John Prine (on “Every December Sky,” the most gorgeous song on the album), Bonnie Raitt (on “Shake My Soul”), and the incomparable Vince Gill (on “Deeper Still”).

I’m always amazed by Nielsen Chapman’s versatility, too, and her ability to express her spirituality and belief in a higher power without being preachy or churchy. Each of her albums builds upon the last, getting more psychologically, thematically, and musically complex. Her music has enriched my life.

I hope she is doing well. Thanks, Beth.

bnc 1

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