Today’s Boredom Meter: Low

Today I learned that I will get to host a small exhibit for my employer next week. It’s not quite a tradeshow, but I’ll have a small booth and can talk to people. So, I’m excited about that. My boss accidentally scheduled vacation that day, or else I wouldn’t get to do it, so I’m glad he forgot something this time. I’m really glad he asked me. Maybe he doesn’t think I’m a complete moron.

And, I have been relatively busy at work and have checked everything off my list for the day, for the most part. So hurrah! Productivity makes me happy. I can breathe!

I am very grateful today for free photos on the web. I don’t take very many photos myself, excepting my cats, of whom I have gazillions of great photos. I discovered a few weeks back. There are lots of ads that you can’t easily avoid–and the more I look, I realize how plentiful and LARGE those ad are—but the site also some really excellent photos. Since I have time on my hands, I enjoy looking at others’ hard work and being able to use it for FREE in my blog. I haven’t really done this very often, but just having the option is exciting. Here’s a calming and colorful photo I love—plus, when would I ever get the chance to take a picture of a horse, much less a good picture?


Other random thought:

I really like Cary Tennis.

Find his great column at

Find his great column at

Not a very cohesive blog entry today. Oh, well. Fresh sweet corn and canteloupe for dinner tonight, and I am going to try AGAIN to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Tomorrow night, drinks with a girlfriend I used to work with—she has a new man in her life so I’m looking forward to getting as many details as possible. I hope she didn’t pick another loser this time. The last three, one of whom she married, one of whom she was engaged to, and all of whom she lived with, were all losers. However, there are good men out there, right? (I married one of them.) I’ll keep you posted.

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