An Unexpected Compliment

I’ve spent some time on this blog talking about my indifferent, oblivious boss. He’s not a mean person or haughty or power hungry, and he’s essentially a nice person I get along with pretty well, but he just doesn’t seem to care about my professional development, which is occasionally frustrating to me, since I am underemployed and took a big pay cut to come work here because I liked the organization and felt we (the organization and I) had a lot to offer each other.

Anyway, today a small, unexpected thing happened that really helped my frame of mind. My boss is out of the office today, and I accidentally overheard our Executive Director talking to one of our project people. The Exec Director was saying that my boss had spoken highly of my skills when they had a meeting the other day. She (The Exec Dir) didn’t know I was listening to this conversation, which I heard by complete accident, so it was especially nice to overhear something complimentary about myself from the person highest up in our organization.

I didn’t know my boss thought about me this way, so it’s nice to know that.

I’m still not ecstatic in my job here, but August has been a pretty good month in terms of staying relatively busy, adding some value to the organization, and feeling like part of the team.

The unexpected compliment from our Executive Director has helped to remind me that it never hurts to speak highly of someone, either behind their back or with direct praise. I’m sure she doesn’t know she made my day. It really made me happy to know that I’m doing a good job here.

If you are someone’s boss and they’re doing a great job, let them know. You’ll probably make them happy today, too.


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