Is this poor customer service, or am I a poor customer?

Hubby & I are in the early stages of planning a trip to Ireland next summer. (We live in the USA.) It’ll be our first time there so it’s something to really look forward to. And I love planning trips. Anticipation is half the fun for me.

Last week, I was at a large county fair with hundreds of vendor booths. I stopped by a travel agency’s booth and talked to a very nice woman about my general plans, and asked if she could work with me to find some lodging and flight options.

She was enthusiastic, took my contact information, and stated she’d call me in a week or so when she was back in the office.

Sure enough, she called me today.

She had chosen a couple of “brochures” (her word) for me to look through, and asked if I could stop by her office to pick them up.

We tried to arrange “the handoff.” Unfortunately, I work half an hour from her office, and I would not be able to get there during the hours while her office is open. And she’s not open on weekends, when I could easily swing by her office.

No problem. I asked her if she could mail me the brochures. She replied that one was small and she could mail it, but the other is a “thick book” and that it would be best if I picked it up.



To repeat, we had just discovered that we work the same hours, half an hour away from each other, and that I couldn’t make it to her office hours to retrieve the materials.

After a short pause and hemming and hawing a bit, I politely stated that I’d try to work something out, I thanked her, and we said goodbye.

So my earnest question is, Was it too much to ask to have her mail me this thing? I can’t do business with her if I can’t get the materials. I can’t get the materials if I can’t get to her office during her open hours. I can’t get to her office during open hours if I work the same hours she does. (And my job is not flexible—I can’t just leave early one day, or whatever. I’d also prefer not to burn precious vacation time when I really feel she could mail me the information for just a couple of bucks. After all, she’d be making money from working with me.)

I have a few friends who live fairly close to the woman’s office, but why should my friends have to run an errand so that I can start planning my vacation to Ireland that many of them couldn’t afford or find the freedom to enjoy? (Most are bogged down with kids, etc.)

Your thoughts? Am I being a poor customer, or could this woman have mailed me the materials? Should I keep trying to work with her, or should I go to the Green Isle without her help?



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