An Exciting Day

Yesterday when I got home, there was a letter in the mail for me informing me that I have been selected to serve as a juror in District court for a 3-month term beginning October.

I know most people groan when they get this letter, but I was thrilled! I’ve always wanted to be a juror. I suppose chances are somewhat slim that I’ll actually be called—I hardly know anyone who’s actually had to serve—but I feel like a Real Citizen with this letter in my hand. I’d love to have a new experience like this.

Once again, I’m lucky to have a good employer. I can get paid for up to 10 days’ worth of jury dury, minus the reimbursement I would receive from the court, of course. So I’m feeling grateful again today.

In other news, we have a great opportunity in the volunteer area of my life. I have volunteered for our local Humane Society for about 10 years. I serve on the Board of Directors and have been involved in many, many of their events, including planning fundraisers, coordinating volunteers, and serving as volunteer Secretary, Vice President, President, and now Treasurer.

Last year, we inherited about $500,000 from a woman who specified that we use the money to build an animal shelter. (Currently we do not have a shelter; all our animals stay in local foster homes until we can find permanent homes for them.)

Now, a local gentleman is interested in donating an expensive parcel of real estate to us as a place for us to build our shelter! We met with him last night at the site. He has already done some of the legwork for us and thinks we can pull it off. He’s also a community leader and wealthy, both of which help. So, we are making progress. It’s my hope that in 3-4 years, we’ll have an operating shelter and a formal plan to sustain it for many years to come. I’m so excited about it that I can’t help but post a picture of my baby to celebrate:

Even if you don't like cats, you'll love me

Even if you don't like cats, you'll love me

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