Quotations for Today

“Is today peaceful, or just boring?”  – Family Circus cartoon





“At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires with you.” – Goethe



“Life is annoying as hell, but it has its pleasures.” – Cary Tennis


“There are times when we must take root among the rocks.” – Thomas Debaggio in 2007DeBaggio





heart“I have loved you all my life!” – Agnes to David in David Copperfield by Charles Dickens 



Only if you dare to read it“What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed  without evidence.” – Christopher Hitchens  


“Try to keep in mind that if job boredom is the worst of your worries, things are actually pretty good.”  -poster on Salon.com

“Even a blind sow finds an acorn now and then.” – Rick Wynne, former co-worker

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Lewis Carroll

“Now our city of peace has crumbled, our book of faith’s been tossed. And I’m just out here searching for my own piece of the cross.” – Bruce Springsteen, I’ll Work for Your Love



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