Today’s Cheers and Jeers


  • Having at least 4 hours of work to do in an 8 hour workday
  • Losing all the weight I’d gained since starting this job
  • Being able to afford new carpet in my living room
  • M & M’s
  • Funny, good-natured co-workers
  • Great August weather
  • President Obama
  • Tomatoes from the garden
  • Hubby starting new job today


  • Birthers and fundamentalist Christians
  • Fundamentalist anybody
  • Toby Keith
  • When you type something but then accidentally hit 2 keys at once and your entire entry disappears
  • Eating too much (again) at my job (again) because there’s nothing else to do at this boring job (again)
  • Did I mention my boring job?

–Overall, not a bad day. Only a couple more hours till I can hang it up here and start enjoying my evening. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll have more work to do.

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