Happy Sigh!

Well, the tradeshow is over and I am so relieved and happy. And I feel like I accomplished something at my “new” (1 year there) job. I also have a new project I’ll be starting, so I am–I can’t believe I’m saying this–feeling relatively great about my job right now.

And I’m taking the next week off, too. Hurrah!

And I felt I added some value to the team at this show. I didn’t realize how hard it is for some people to talk to strangers and be accommodating. Their reluctance–inability–to break out of their comfort zone makes ME look like an EXTROVERT, which I most decidedly am not. So I feel, for once, that I have a skill that some others don’t have. I haven’t felt that at all since I started this job.

Kind of sad that it took me a year to feel any satisfaction at all in this job, but I’m just going to enjoy the boost that I feel from this event that I thought would just drag me through the mud. Life is surprising.

LonersOne last, unrelated, but happy note:  today I thought about one of my old friends, Stallone, whom we fostered until he found his forever home. Loners, I hope you’re loving life. We loved you and still do. Glad you found such a great new family.

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