OK, a pretty good day

Today I did indeed arise at 4:15, as I will do tomorrow. It has been a long day at a tradeshow.

The good (and surprising) news is, I sort of enjoyed myself today–in spite of myself and my most sincere intentions to be miserable all day! (Sort of poking fun at myself, you see.)  I’m not perfect at these tradeshows, but I felt more confident speaking on behalf of the company than I have since I started the job last year. And I got to be reminded what great human beings my co-workers are. I also got to provide a diabetic man, who was having an insulin attack, with an emergency candy bar from our stash of giveaways. A couple of minutes later, he was fine, and he looked at me and said:

“You saved my life.”

He was surely exaggerating, but I could tell he was grateful. I was glad I could help him. And selfishly, it felt nice to be appreciated. Essentially, It felt nice to have been able to make a positive difference in someone’s day.

And, somehow overnight, I lost my crankiness about this long enduring tradeshow and the super long  hours I’m working this week. My boss, annoying as he is at times, is also a generally nice person to work for. I don’t have any problems with him personally, and I think he’s trying to mentor me and be an example to me in the workplace. And I am grateful for that. I have had several worse jobs and several worse bosses!

Another long day tomorrow, so I need to play with my kitties, then go to bed early. Even if this tradeshow isn’t my perfect vacation destination, it’s a relief to have a reprieve from the office doldrums.

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