Not as Bad as I’d Anticipated, but Still Annoying as Hell

Worked at a tradeshow today. Have to do it again tomorrow and the next day. Because of travel time, I will be putting in 15 hour days for the next 2 days, as I did today. I’m exhausted.

The good part is, it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. I generally found ways to stay busy during the day, even though our booth sucks and doesn’t attract people. I really really hope I can find a new job before I have to go to this show all over again next year.

I’d asked my boss if I could stay at a hotel because of the travel time (5 hours per day, for 3 days straight), and he said, no, we don’t do that. (He only has to travel 3 hours per day for 3 days, as he lives an hour closer to the tradeshow.) So today our Executive Director asked me, right in front of my boss, why I wasn’t staying overnight instead of doing all that driving. I said, “jokingly” but actually serious, “because my ogre of a boss told me I had to drive.” I’m sure he got the point, because  he then had the balls to tell me I could stay overnight tomorrow night I wanted. (I didn’t have a suitcase along with me or anything today.)

Not exactly a good time to tell me, since he knows my husband is out of town and I’d have to make plans to have my cats looked in on. (This was my question weeks ago–should I arrange for a catsitter? Plus, hello, hotels are now booked.) Anyway, instead of mentally going off on my boss too badly, which would be pointless anyway, I’ve just resolved that if I am still working here next year at this time, I will make sure he knows ahead of time that I will not be driving back & forth every day for this show. It’s too exhausting for me.

This morning I arose at 3:45 AM to leave the house at 4:45 AM. Tomorrow I get to “sleep in” until 4:15. And I’ll be home by 8:30 at night. Not being  a workaholic or even very interested in my job, I realize it’ll be another long day. But, at least I’ll get out of the office.

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