It Pays the Bills

Yesterday I ran across a guy who isn’t too crazy about his job, but as he said, “it pays the bills.” And he had such a great attitude about it. I certainly do appreciate the money I make at this job. My salary meets all my day-to-day needs, if you don’t count lots of vacation time and trips to Europe as day-to-day needs.

So why is he happy about his job and I’m not? What gives me the right to complain about my work, just because it’s not very interesting? Shouldn’t my gratefulness be enough? I’m gainfully employed, I have health insurance, I have hubby providing excellent moral support, the ol’ tubes are tied so I don’t have to worry about having children, I work with extraordinarily kind and smart people, and I’m healthy. And my family is healthy. Yet I sit here with a numb brain at work. Griping to a blog that can’t do anything to help me anyway.

But, blogging is helping somewhat. I am going to begin some new topics so I can have more to write about than just work. A few possible topics (Pages) would be:

  • On Not Having Children
  • The Catholic Church
  • Travel Experiences
  • Comical Things That Have Happened at Work

These topics don’t really have anything to do with finding my feet, but the biggest reason to have this blog is so I have something to work on, that I look at and can see results from. So in that way, the blog be something else to work on that could help me find myself–or at least not lose myself any worse.Fawcett

Since there’s nothing new today to report, I should at least mention that I have just finished a fabulous book, “The Lost City of Z” by David Grann. Its subject, explorer Percy Fawcett, died young (and probably violently), but he knew who he was and what he wanted to do with his life. So Percy, cheers to you today.

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