Some Thought-Provoking Sandwiches

It’s lunchtime and I have actually been busy all morning. Hurrah! It’s not interesting work, but I don’t mind, as long as I’m busy.

Not that I enjoy being the lowest person on the totem pole, which today included having to make a lunch run for the important people who are too glued to their work to step out to a sandwich shop. (Good grief.) But, at least I got out of the office and was able to help my co-workers by saving them some time. I’m OK with it. At this job I’m OK with it. I’m not OK with it generally being part of my career. I have two fucking graduate degrees and I’m making sandwich runs for the people with brains. Sheesh! You have to laugh.

And I’ve been thinking about how I’d really like to work at home again. The job that I applied for would never be a work-at-home job. Maybe I should hunt harder or longer for something I can do at home. That could mean I’ll spend another year or two (or more) being the sandwich go-getter. Too bad I don’t live in a metropolitan area where I have more options, but I love my country home and my husband’s job is here, too. Those things aren’t negotiable in my quest for happiness, even though my husband has offered to move.

When I was standing in line at the sandwich shop, an older gentleman behind me in line saw my list of sandwiches for 4 other people. He said, “that’s some list! It’s your turn, huh?”

I smiled and said, yep, it’s my turn.

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