Working to Live

Do I live to work? No.

Do I work to live? Yes.

Would I like to live to work? No.

However, I’d like my job to be one of the things in my life that I like. Talking to my husband lately, it seems he thinks this is too much to ask.

“If you like your job 51% of the time, then you’re doing great,” he says.

I regret leaving my last job, in a way, if only because I got to work at home. It’s easy to forget the misery of those last few months and how I cried on Sunday nights because I had to work the next day.

I don’t want to regret leaving this job. Would I? Couldn’t I find a job where I have work to do that is challenging and rewarding? Doesn’t need to be anything grand.

Generally, I’ve felt better about this job since I sent my resume to that guy on Sunday night. I’ll probably never have another job where I have so much free time on my hands. I mean, look at this, I’m sitting at my desk, blogging, getting paid for it. But the good feelings I have about this safe job do not sustain me.

There’s a young woman who works for our company, almost fresh out of college (I love that phrase, “fresh out of college”–I guess I’m a little more ripe, or overdone? Stale? Moldy?). She loves her work. She’s always got something new going on and is always working on things. Immediately when she started with the company, people respected her, because the job fits her skills, preferences, and personality so well. She’s growing by leaps and bounds. I am envious of her for having that—-not in a mean way—-she’s a really nice person. But I envy and admire someone whose job seems to have been made for them.

I’m an INTJ (says Myers Briggs) and I need a job for an INTJ. Next time I’ll write about what that means. Because I have to read up on it. Good thing I have lots of free time at work!

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