A Pesky Piece of Metal

Today I had my lunch all planned out . . . a couple of quick errands for my boss, then to the public library to sit in my misanthrope’s corner and read the book I’m really absorbed in right now, “The Lost City of Z.”

Ran the first & second errands for my boss. Came back out to the car and my left rear tire was going flat. Obviously this is not a slow leak because it’s a brand new tire, and it was bursting with air just this morning. Aargh!

I took a chance and drove to a nearby shop. I made it without breaking down (tire-wise or emotionally). They can fix my tire today. Wonderfully, they gave me a ride back to work. And the woman who gave me the ride, had a red convertible. With the top down on a beautiful July day in Minnesota. So I rode back to work in style, even though I really was, for the time being, a vehicle-less beggar.

Also in the spirit of gratefulness, it was nice to get a flat tire in town, just a few blocks from a tire place I knew of. At least I wasn’t out in the boondocks or on the freeway. And the shop just called and said I had a piece of metal in my tire and they were able to remove it and repair the tire. So, it was a slight disaster for a lunch break, but nothing to complain about otherwise.

Finally, I googled “red convertible free photo” so I could post a photo to this blog, but the search only produced a photo of a little white kitten who looks like he could use some eyedrops. So, here he is: 


a red convertible that sort of resembles a white kitten

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