Just a Question

Is it more important to have a boring, secure job so that you can enjoy the rest of your life, or to have a relatively enjoyable job so that you can feel good about the 40 hours you have to spend there every week?

I’m trying to remain open to the idea of actually staying at this job. When I’m not here, that’s easy. I’m on Easy Street here. I don’t work very hard and I get paid a little money every 2 weeks and I can save some & spend some. And I have health insurance.

And the work that I have, is not intolerable. It’s just sort of boring.

At the same time, I can’t imagine the job where I would be engaged all day long and not feel listless. Anything is boring for 8 hours. I can’t even sit on my couch and watch a 2-hour-long movie without having to get up and take breaks. So maybe I’m just always going to be bored while I’m working. Who wants to do the same thing 40 hours in one week?! Who are these people who don’t mind that?

So maybe I’m realizing that I’d like a job where there’s variety.

I think about the jobs that I haven’t liked–what do they have in common?

  • not enough work to do, so time drags
  • doing the same work all the time, without much variety
  • feeling “alone” at work, even if there are other people there
  • not feeling like I’m making progress as a person at the job–just doing what the company needs or wants from me
  • not enough laughter
  • having to entertain myself or find ways to look busy
  • being expected to be good at things that I didn’t market myself as good at when I interviewed for the job – YES, THAT’S A BIG ONE
  • having few or no “there! I accomplished that!” moments
  • not being able to apply what I know to learning new things
  • not being able to apply my new knowledge to finding even more knowledge – just having facts and information for no purpose that benefits me personally, or that doesn’t enrich me in any way
  • jobs that make me feel tired
  • jobs where I do not have mentoring or guidance, or someone else to mentor or guide if I am a veteran
  • when arriving home from the job, I feel upset, burned out, annoyed, frustrated, mind-numbed, or otherwise unable to enjoy my home life

How about the jobs I’ve liked–what did they have in common?

  • laughter
  • not minding getting up & going to work during the day
  • a sense of accomplishment and “I did it” on a fairly regular basis
  • feeling like I’m learning something and able to apply my learning to new ways of working and doing my job more effectively
  • a job where, when I get back from a week of vacation, people say, “Wow, am I glad you are back!” – meaning, they needed my expertise when I was gone.
  • having a boss who gives a crap, but who doesn’t micromanage
  • having more experienced people around me who I can ask for help or input
  • feeling a sense of responsibility for my employer’s good name–knowing I represent the company and that I have a company’s reputation to uphold when I speak with those outside the company
  • knowing that people count on me to get my work done
  • not being so mind-numbed when I get home after work that I can’t even think or make conversation
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