Hanging Tight

Last night I sent my resume and cover letter off to that guy.

He actually took the time to email back and acknowledge it. He also said he’s in the very beginning stages of the search process and asked me to “hang tight.”

I can do that.

Consequently I’m feeling worried about what I’ll do if I actually get an interview. What if I got a job offer in SALES–would I actually quit this job on Easy Street to take a job where I have to work? Just how much do I dislike my current job? Maybe I’m OK sitting around blogging for a year or two. I have to explore whether my laziness is innate, or just learned. I think it’s learned. Or can something be so well learned, that it becomes innate? Oh yeah. Yeah it can.

So I would have to unlearn laziness and actually learn to work again. Which is what I’ve been asking for since the very first day I started working here.

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