Selling Myself

Last night I ran across a girlfriend who is leaving her sales job and who has recommended me to take her place. I mean, she talked to her boss about me. He said I should send him my resume. My resume. Yes, someone wants to see my resume.

So, one of my tasks for the next few days is to send him my resume with a cover letter explaining my strengths.

I am learning so much about myself in this whole job/self/career/life seeking process. When I was getting ready for work this morning, I felt grateful for the fact that I am wearing sports sandals and long shorts today. I don’t have to dress up for this job. Hurrah! And I work with such friendly, sincere people who are GOOD at their jobs. I generally like what our organization does, despite the fact that I feel it caters to big business a little too much. I need to enjoy these things more while I can–maybe I’ll work here for a long time, but if I don’t, I want to look back on this job with fondness.

I haven’t heard anything else about the position possibly being created here at my own place of employment, and hardly know a thing about it. At the moment I’m considering it a non-possibility because it may be “suicide” here to move to a different department. I don’t want to leave anybody in the lurch, especially my boss, who is a great individual. On the other hand, I would consider leaving the organization altogether if I could make more money somewhere else, and have work to do that plays to my strengths. I guess that would be leaving my boss in a lurch, too, but I wouldn’t have to be around to see it. Sounds horrible, but it’s the way I feel. Of course I’d feel some guilt if I left, but I’d get over it. And so would they.

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