Two Hours Till Friday Night

Only 2 more hours until I leave work on a Friday. I really need a weekend. My job’s been OK this week, better than most, actually. Today I met another one of my predecessors at a work function. What an incredibly nice, smart, witty, and friendly person. I’d love to ask her about her experiences here sometime, but I suppose I won’t. If she was happy here, why did she leave?

I’m feeling less hopeless today because I got out of the office for a meeting. If I could even do this once a week, I think I’d feel better. Maybe I should work at something like this. Maybe I could join a group or something? I don’t know . . . the Rotary Club or Toastmasters or a professional women’s group.

I seem to be having some new ideas occur these days, even though they’re not very good ones. Maybe I can get better at this.

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