At This Rate . . .

. . .I’m not sure I will make it to the fall of 2010, much less the spring of 2011. I have a few tasks today, but they’re so BORING! I’ve lost the “hang in there” approach I had a few days ago. I just got home from work last night and felt exhausted–I do not feel alive here. It’s no fun to get home after work and feel like I don’t have the energy to enjoy the evening. I could barely stand to even talk to my husband because my brain was asleep. My cats aren’t even providing me with the joy that I used to get out of them. I’ve noticed this for several weeks now.

Maybe I really should quit. I had already discounted this possibility but on a day like today, I feel a longing to quit. A yearning.

Maybe if I get to work on the couple of tasks I have, I’ll feel better.


Something happened. A new job is opening up here. I wonder if it’s something I could do or get hired for.

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