Holding onto Sanity

Yesterday I had some work to do. I probably worked 4 or 5 hours of the 8 hours I have to be here, so it was a fulfilling day, relatively. Just having a purpose makes it so much easier to be here–almost pleasant.

Also I’ve noticed my mood has been much better these last few days at work. I think I’m beginning to reap the benefits of having this blog to think & vent to. I don’t have to keep all my thoughts inside, so I can type them, get them out of my busy head, and get on with my day. I can tell something has “happened” (in my mind) because this week, I’ve found myself much better able to tolerate my somewhat moody, disorganized, and oblivious boss.

Last night I talked to my husband about my career dilemma (for the millionth time) and told him my book ideas. He gave me another book idea that would really fit my passion and personality. I’ll probably never go through with any of them–I don’t REALLY have a desire to write any book at all–but at least I’m trying to get the creative juices flowing. No idea is too crazy right now because I’m safely employed, with health insurance, at a friendly place that pays me OK.

I actually have some piddly tasks to do today, so I worked for an hour when I got here. I bet I have at least another hour or two of work I could do today, so I’m pleased about that. And, I have leftover pizza for lunch so I think I’ll survive another day here with my sanity relatively intact.

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