Why I Work

Why do I work?

1) To support myself financially, both now and in retirement

2) To contribute to society and be part of the world

3) To be with people

4) To fill the time that I have on earth, I guess (hmmmm)

5) To pay for vacations and other frills

6) To have a purpose in life, a responsibility

Since our house is almost paid off and we don’t have debt, I could probably not work. But then what would I do with my time? And how could I justify spending money on things I don’t need, or even that I do need? I guess not working is not an option for me. But I thought I’d better ask myself.

According to Myers Briggs, I am an INTJ. What careers have INTJs succeeded at? I’m almost afraid to look. What if I was supposed to be a chemist or a doctor or an accountant, and I didn’t know it because I was so busy trying to be someone else?

Apparently a lot of people find their “true” careers in mid life. Maybe I can still find something true to myself. I just hardly know where to start. And do I HAVE to be open to going back to school? I already did the school thing. For a long time. And finally paid off the debt. So, I have resisted the idea of going back to school, even though I came out of it with no skills or even much of an identity.

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